Althea Pinder Joins the ELEVATION Family!

Elevation Records is happy to announce their newest addition to the Elevation Family, Bahamian Recording Artist Althea Pinder. Althea is known as the 1st Runner up of Season 2 of 242 Untapped. Since then, the 22 year old has been ready to conqueror the world with a BOLD message of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through her music.

Born in the small, but tranquil settlement of McLeans Town, Althea hails from the island of Grand Bahama. She is the last of 8 children and a Graduate of Sir Jack Hayward High School. Althea started singing at the age of 6, but accepted the call of ministry at age 18.

3“I’ve always had a special kind of love and passion for music, but as I grew in God ,I realized that it was not just a passion, but my purpose and calling.”

CEO of Elevation Records Vincent “V-Mac” McDonald is ecstatic about his newest addition to the label. “This year marks a milestone in my career and I am happy that Althea made the decision to join us on our journey. I have no doubt that we will receive anything less than great from her. Welcome to Elevation!!!

Althea said the label is a great fit for her and she has found that Elevation seeks to broaden their artists and bring the best out of them. Althea is gearing up to release her new single “Jesus Paid the Price” which was written and produced by Elevation A&R Rep & Music Extraordinaire, Sammi “Starr” Poitier.

“Working with Althea has been such a pleasure. She is focused and a hard worker; I admire that. I remember when I saw her sing in the competition and thought she’d automatically do well even if she didn’t win. I also knew that I wanted to work with her regardless of the outcome of the competition. Althea has a strong voice and is committed to her gift which is certainly making room for her. I loved working with her on the new single and look forward to working with her again very soon. She is indeed a talent to be reckoned with.” Said Sammi Starr.

Fb-adAlthea noted that Sammie helped to broaden her musical ability further and hopes to collaborate with him on a song while working in the studio. “He made sure I didn’t remain in my comfort zone and encouraged me to push beyond that. This song is very upbeat and you can’t help but jump to your feet and move. Mr. Poitier was indeed as he said a “slave driver”, but he helped me produce an amazing song and for that, I am forever grateful. Althea is currently working on her debut album and assures the public that she won’t disappoint. “From this new project you can definitely expect something totally different from what you usually hear from me. It’s something new and something fresh.”

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