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The Rush with Miss Samone

Miss Samone is a young journalist with a passion for television and entertainment. She is young, vibrant, fun, full of life and very entertaining. She is currently a news reporter at The Nassau Guardian and Our News on Our TV. She is also a television host and a marketing guru leaving her mark in television in The Bahamas.

Samone has worked in television news in America for several years before returning home three years ago. She has worked at WTXL-TV (ABC affiliate) in Midway, Florida and BOUNCE TV in Tallahassee, Florida as part of the marketing and branding team.

With her adventurous spirit, Samone has made waves in entertainment media internationally in television commercials, magazines, newspapers and radio advertisements.

She is now focused on paving the way for young Bahamians with a dream of working in television on a national and international level while working to help build the entertainment industry in the country.

She has already made a name for herself in hard news media and now she is set to make a bigger name for herself in entertainment media.

Samone is on the move and building her empire with her own brand “Champagne & Conversation”. Her motto is: “Live your life like you’re always in front of the camera but ALWAYS have FUN.”

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